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Bali Coffee Plantation Accommodation Nature Resort and Spa in Munduk North Bali is luxury nature resort, spa and boutique hotel.
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Bali Coffee Plantation Accommodation Nature Resort and Spa in Munduk North Bali is luxury nature resort, spa and boutique hotel.
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Bali Coffee Plantation Resort and Spa - Munduk Moding Plantation Resort & Spa


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Healthy Life Package
USD  169.00  
The Packages from Munduk Moding Coffee Plantation
2 Days/1night Villa 199 USD and Garden Suite 169 USD
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Munduk Moding Plantation is located in a green and clean environment. This package is designed to allow you to breath in the fresh air and at the same time enjoy eating healthy food, relaxing at our luxury property and enjoying genuine Balinese hospitality.

First day
Check in at our resort
Welcome massage at our Spa
Afternoon tea beside our infinity pool with the sunset
Healthy Dinner at MiMPi Restaurant
We start with papaya juice to which is good for digestion. Then we serve MMP Nasi Campur made from locally sourced ingredients - with Red Rice to keep your heart healthy. In addition, some side dishes with multivitamins such as bean cake,tofu, tomato,water spinach,red beans and bean sprout are presented. All these vegetables are grown organically in the Bedugul area. For dessert, you will be offered Bubur Kacang Ijo, mung beans and palm sugar porridge will be served to strengthen your heart.
Balinese Ginger Tea will be served afterward beside our bonfire to keep your body warm and healthy.

Second day
Breakfast at our restaurant
Walking on our plantation or horse riding or cycling to the pristine lake to keep you fit and active
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Staying period:December 1-19,2014
Booking period:Now until December 19,2014
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