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Bali Coffee Plantation Accommodation Nature Resort and Spa in Munduk North Bali is luxury nature resort, spa and boutique hotel.
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Bali Coffee Plantation Accommodation Nature Resort and Spa in Munduk North Bali is luxury nature resort, spa and boutique hotel.
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Bali Coffee Plantation Resort and Spa - Munduk Moding Plantation Resort & Spa


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Secret of Singaraja
USD  280.00  
The Packages from Munduk Moding Coffee Plantation
Singaraja (Lion King) is not as famous as some of the other cities in Bali even though it was the capital of Bali and the lesser Sunda islands during Dutch colonial times when steamers connecting the archipelago called at its port.
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The city is well worth exploring for the interesting remnants of colonial times and the unique museum where ancient lontar (palm leave) texts can be seen. There is a secret behind this city. This package will help you discover the untold story of Singaraja while enjoying what North Bali has to offer.

3 days 2 nights
Garden Suite USD 280
Villa USD 330

First Day

Transfer in from the airport or anywhere in Bali
Check in at our resort
Welcome Massage
Afternoon Tea served with traditional Balinese cake
Sunset cocktail served with canape
Special Set Dinner beside our infinity pool or Jacuzzi

Second day

Morning hike on the plantation followed by a leisurely breakfast in our garden
After breakfast, we will take you to a temple named Pura Yeh Ketipat. The locals believe that King Ki Barak Panji Sakti the founder of the Kingdom of Buleleng made a stop over at this temple on the way to Singaraja in the seventeenth century.
After eating ketipat (a snack made from rice that has been wrapped in a woven coconut leaf pouch and boiled), the king and his 40 followers felt thirsty and tried to find water to drink. Unfortunately the lakes were too far from the site and there were no springs nearby. Then the King plunged his magic weapon in the ground and water came out. Everybody rejoiced and after discussing with the King, they named this area Yeh Ketipat and founded a temple in his honour.
Afterwards, the driver will take you to Singaraja to visit a famous wall carving. The carving showcases the journey of the king. Our guide will explain the details. Then walk to visit the Gedong Kirtya library which is the only library in the world that houses lontar manuscripts (made from lontar palm) covering ancient Balinese religious, medicinal and cultural texts. The next place to visit is Singa Ambaraja Raja, a lion statue which is the symbol of Singaraja. Finally, you will visit Pura Segara Penimbangan a temple situated on the shores of the sea with a black sandy beach. The story behind this temple is that when a ship from a trader was shipwrecked on this site and the King managed to save the trader life, the latter founded the temple in his honour.
Lunch will be offered at the local seafood restaurant near the beach
Return to our resort to relax beside the infinity pool or Jacuzzi

Third day

Breakfast beside our infinity pool
Relax and enjoy the beautiful natural environment of the plantation.
Special set lunch at MiMPi Restaurant
Transfer out to the airport or anywhere in Bali

Terms and conditions:
The price for this package includes all the inclusions mentioned in the description, including meals, transport, transfer in and out as well as the massage and, of course, the visit to Singaraja.
The price quoted is per person,based on two persons staying.
Single person supplement is USD 100.

Staying period:December 1-19,3014
Booking period:Now until December 18,2014
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Munduk Moding Plantation Nature Resort and Spa
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