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Bali Coffee Plantation Accommodation Nature Resort and Spa in Munduk North Bali is luxury nature resort, spa and boutique hotel.
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Bali Coffee Plantation Accommodation Nature Resort and Spa in Munduk North Bali is luxury nature resort, spa and boutique hotel.
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Bali Coffee Plantation Resort and Spa - Munduk Moding Plantation Resort & Spa


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MMP Nature and Culture Package (3 nights/4 days for two)
USD  899.00  
The Packages from Munduk Moding Coffee Plantation
Since the very beginning, Munduk Moding Plantation (MMP) has committed to preserve nature and culture which undoubtedly are the two major keys to develop eco-tourism in Bali. As a small plantation on just five hectares MMP has decided to keep all of its trees to feed enough water to the spring on the site which is used by the plantation and our neighbours to bath and wash. In fact, this decision has attracted a remarkable number of small animals and birds and the re-emergence of plants that used to be only found in the rain forest.

In terms of culture conservation, MMP has been supporting a local traditional Balinese Gamelan group and dancers by inviting them to perform at our resort. We also support the local primary school. The nature and culture package is part of our efforts to share this approach to sustainable tourism with our guests. The programme consists of a 2 days/ nights stay that gives you a good all round introduction to the nature and culture of North Bali. Since it involves a lot of interaction with our neighbours and locals, the sequence of events in the programme may have to be adjusted in function of their availability.

Day One:
Accompanied by our guide and gardener, you will first be given a guided tour of the flora on the plantation and you will plant a local tree such as Beringin, Bunut, Sengon or Kejimas in the forest area on the plantation with a sign with your name on it. You will then meet a local farmer who will explain the functioning of the well known traditional Balinese water management system named ‘Subak’. This ancient system involves the farmers of a community working closely together to guarantee that spring and rain water is well distributed through many canals all the way down to the sea. In addition, this is a great opportunity to learn about agricultural life in Bali. You will then have a break and enjoy Balinese style lunch at the MiMPi restaurant after which you can relax by the pool or explore the plantation. The day will be completed by a hike, in the company of one of our guides, around the shores of Lake Tamblingan which is a nature conservatory and borders on an indigenous rainforest. There are some local temples which you will visit.

Day Two:
You will rise early and take an all day "Off the beaten villages" tour to explore waterfalls with crystal clear waters, the biggest Banyan tree in Bali, terraces rice field, and fruit villages in secluded North Bali. This part of Bali is largely untouched by modern tourism. Our guide will show you around and explain the different characteristics of the villages you will explore and stop to show you Cacao, Cloves, Manggo, Salak (snake fruit), Rambutan, Durian, Mangoesteen and some tropical fruits. You will also visit a Bali Aga village in the surrounding of MMP; here you will find the descendants of the indigenous people of Bali who have been practicing a different culture from many centuries. You will be able to taste sugar made from sugar palm oil. You will break for picnic lunch during the trip which will be provided by MMP. When you return to MMP you will be given a relaxing Balinese massage to fully recover before we serve you a candle light dinner on the plantation.

Day Three:
You will visit the Balian in the morning - the local healer who many Balinese rely on for everyday care. Our guide will explain the functioning of this Institution in Balinese society. You return to MMP for a refreshing lunch served outdoors in a place of your choice. You can spend the rest of the day at MMP: playing a game of tennis or badminton, take the horses out for a ride (with our guide), or go for a walk about on the plantation. You can, of course, also simply relax at the pool or in one of the Bale Bengongs with a book from our library. This programme includes three nights in a villa with breakfast, three lunches, a candlelight dinner, a traditional Balinese massage and the visits and trips as described above.

Overnight at MMP. The fourth day is there for you to relax and digest the experiences you had during this nature and culture package programme. Enjoy the plantation at your leisure. Pick up a book from our library, our chill out in a Bale Bengong or at the swimming pool. Late check out possible, subject to availability.
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