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When travelling with our family in Indonesia in 2007, we discovered the hill country around Munduk and were enchanted by its natural beauty. We muck dived and watched dolphins in the Bali sea at dawn, explored ancient towns in the late morning, feasted on a “rijsttafel” over lunch and then canoed in the crater of an extinct vulcano before hiking back through the rainforest and exploring some stunning and deserted temples in the jungle. When the sun set, the huge skies were full of stars and the quietness of the night was only interrupted by the sound of the gamelan and a choir of crickets. The experience was overwhelming. When we met Gede Uliadnyana - now the General Manager of the Resort, then a budding local graduate from a hospitality college with whom we clicked immediately- we realised that this was the chance of a lifetime. We had always wanted to create something of beauty that would further economic development in the South and be a genuinely positive force for all those involved. This was it. Gede helped us find an abandoned five hectares coffee plantation with some of the best views of the Island and wild open nature all around. We bought it, mortgaged our house in Europe to finance the investment and never looked back. In the process, we were helped by many people in setting up the resort: local villagers who trusted us and came to work for us, guests who provided advice and feedback as well as Bali’s own star architect Popo Danes and his team who designed the resort.

Largely built with local workers, MMP opened in 2009 with just a handful of villas as foreseen by Popo’s masterplan - a very low density to maximise privacy and protect the environment. We have stuck to this vision as the team gained experience and the plantation prospered. With just 21 rooms, MMP will reach its final side in June 2018. With Popo’s former assistant - Era Anastasia - we have had the pleasure to revive ancient building techniques, erecting a bamboo hall, a unique bamboo Spa and a front office that have won universal admiration. We have been able with friends to set up the Munduk Coffee company that exports the coffees from our rejuvenated plantation as well as the Munduk Foundation that supports the local Community. The past 10 years have been incredibly enriching and we are very proud to share this beauty with our guests.

Irene, founder

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