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MMP's Signature Massage
A perfect combination of traditional Balinese massage, hot stone and aromatherapy. This treatment is designed to normalize strained muscles, improved blood circulation and relaxing your body and soul. .
1 Hour USD 23

Aromatherapy Massage
Choose your oil and this massage relies on the ancient art of relaxation by combining a treat of the senses with a celebration of touch. Essential oils of plants and flower and a gentle, effective massage will reduce stress levels and induce unparalleled relaxation.
Note : This treatment is possible to pregnant woman.
1 Hour USD 21
1 Hour 30 Minutes USD 30

MMP’s Acupressure Massage
A specific type of massage that primarily on using thumbs, fingers and palms to apply pressure to various points on the body. The therapist will press on specific points to promote energy flow to the fatigue area.It is a deeply relaxing experience and can help with relieving stress and tensions, improving sleep, minimizing headaches and reducing digestive issues.
1 Hour USD 21

Bamboo Massage
Bamboo is considered a powerful healing tool in the ancient cultures of many islands of the Indonesian Archipelago. You can now experience this at Munduk Moding Plantation through our unique bamboo massage in which gently heated bamboo is used in combination with kneading and pressure techniques. This treatment is aimed at reducing muscle stress, improving the functioning of the lymphatic system and to rid of the body of toxin, waste and other unwanted materials.
1 Hour 30 Minutes USD 26

MMP’s Hot Stone massage
This treatment is a combination of a traditional Balinese massage and a hot stone massage. It is an ideal treatment to improve the blood circulation and the flow of energy in your body. The treatment starts with a relaxing slow Balinese body massage with essential oil. Hot stones are then progressively integrated in the massage and subsequently placed on nodal points on your body to ensure relaxation. Our therapist will pamper you to ensure that you feel refreshed and relaxed.
1 Hour 30 Minutes USD 26

Traditional Balinese Massage
Relax while our experienced therapist work on your whole body using a combination of pressure and stretching techniques according to local Balinese tradition.
Note : This treatment is possible to pregnant woman.
1 Hour USD 17
1 Hour 30 Minutes USD 23

The following treatments are available for room service : Traditional Balinese Massage, Aromatherapy Massage, Back & Shoulder Massage, and Reflexology.

All rates are subject to 21% tax and service charge

Warm Herbal Massage
Warm herbal is an ideal treatment for those who want to revitalize their energy and tired muscles after activities. It starts with an hour Balinese massage. Then the warm herbal, which is made of ginger, lemongrass, clove, and sweet galangal will be applied.
1 Hour 30 minutes USD 24

Reflexology Massage
This classical foot massage relies on rhythmic stroke to improve circulation and induce relaxation. One feels reborn after this treatment.
1 Hour USD 19

Back and Shoulder Massage
This massage is focused on relieving specific stress and muscle tension around back, shoulder and neck. The therapist will apply a very relaxing head massage at the last treatment.
30 minutes USD 11

Boreh Bali
From the island of the Gods, this traditional Balinese treatment developed over a thousand years. Start your treatment with a one hour Balinese massage. Your body will be cleaned with grated coconut to assist with the removal of impurities. Then the exotic spice named Boreh will be applied. Emerge from the opulent exotic wrap with your skin feeling smooth and soft after an application of Boreh.
1 Hour 30 minutes USD 26

Munduk Moding Plantation Royal Lulur
This is a traditional 17th century Javanese Royal treatment that is guaranteed to make you feelrested and relaxed. The treatment begins with a long and gentle massage with essential oils andcontinues with lulur, turmeric and jasmine skin scrub applied to exfoliate and soften the skin.After this your body is pampered with a traditional bengkoang body mask application followed byan exotic flower bath.
1 Hour 45 minutes USD 30

Simply Paradise
Feel the inevitable enjoyment of the hot stone, the most favorite treatment. This treatmentcontinued by facial treatment which is enriched by the use of products made from aloe vera whichare safely applied on all skin types. Lastly, enjoy the deep relaxing face, head and scalp massageto reduce tensions and stress.
2 Hour 15 minutes USD 38

All rates are subject to 21% tax and service charge


Spa Manicure
Traditional fingernail treatment starting with a relaxing cleaning of the nails followed bythe application of nail polish. We also provide flower nail art.
1 Hour USD 15

Spa Pedicure
Traditional toe nail treatment which also includes a cleaning of the nails. We also provide flower nail art.
1 Hour USD 15

Spa Double Delight
Combination of the two above treatments for your nails’ beauty.
1 Hour 30 minutes USD 28


MMP Facial Sensation
A real refreshing treatment using natural products from Munduk Moding Plantation. At the start of the treatment, cucumber and yogurt are applied to clean the impurities and rejuvenate your skin; then enjoy the gentle exfoliation by candlenut scrub. Thereafter, you will fell the soothing sensation of a honey mask, consisting of honey which is harvested from our own plantation. A head and shoulder massage are also included to relieve the stress and help you fully unwind and relax.
1 Hour USD 23

Facial Including Neck Massage
This facial was developed to effectively remove impurities and skin flakes while controlling the balance of oil in your skin. Bio-hazel extract is applied to maintain the skin’s natural balance of oil leaving your skin looking clean, smooth and supple. Suitable for all skin types.
1 Hour USD 25

All rates are subject to 21% tax and service charge


Coffee scrub and massage
In line with our mission to conserve coffee in this region, we would like to introduce our home-made coffee body scrub with contains antioxidant that softens your skin and remove impurities. The coffee body scrub treatment is combined with an aromatherapy body massage that will leave you fully relaxed.

The two hours treatment consists of :

USD 38

Coffee therapy for beauty: the full works
Our home-made coffee body scrub also forms the basis of our most extensive treatment that is guaranteed to fully relax you and recharge your batteries. Coffee contains antioxidant with softens your skin and remove impurities and it is therefore an excellent starting point for other therapies. The coffee body scrub treatment is combined with aromatherapy body massage alongside a relaxing and beautifying facial with manicure and pedicure thrown in to complete the treat.

The four hour treatment consists of :

USD 60

All rates are subject to 21% tax and service charge


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